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About Prajatantrik Jansevak Party

The Prajatantrik Jansevak Party was established on 18 feb 2019 by Professor Kashiram Sahab and professor Dr. Anilesh Kumar Pal, Shivpal Singh Rajput, Vinod Rajyogi Yadav are also among the founding members. The motive of the prajatantrik jansevak party is to provide free and fair education to the vulnerable, underprivileged part of the society for their social economical upliftment. The party believes in providing equal opportunity to every section of the society proportionate to their population.

The party accentuates the upliftment of womens, providing them quality of education and therefore quality of life. The party will work hard to end the centuries long class struggle from our country which is one of the major hurdles in the development of our society and country. People harassed each other due to their castes, defining one's status in the society by its caste, birth place. This is an issue of great concern and needs immediate action. We have to end this cataclysm and we will work to bring a social revolution in our country with complete dedication and hard work. We will work to strengthen the brotherhood between our people which will be above any caste seperistition. We work to eliminate any type of hatred based on caste, religion, gender and due to once occupation.

Since 1947 to now the thing which is the same in our country yet is the gap between rich and poor. Rich is getting richer and the poor are getting poorer in the country. Generations of people lost in starvation, dither even for basic necessities of life, while on the other hand a section of the society is living a luxurious life for centuries. We are abide to bridge this gape and desirful to free our people from this economic slavery. Party aims to connect all the backward vulnerable, underprivileged people of the country with the development line to ameliorate their living standards. The party will never capitulate in front of any difficulty and will not leave its people alone in any holocaust. The party will work for equal women's representation in every field either its sport or defence, they will surely get fair opportunity. The part will help the farmers in the amelioration of their essential tools, also provide them with high varieties of seeds, so they will be able to produce a surplus amount of crops. The party assured the farmers it will provide the actual price of their crops what they actually deserve.

राष्ट्रीय अध्यक्ष जी की प्रेसवार्ता

Aims and Objectives

The motive of the Prajatantrik Jansevak Party is to provide free and fair education to the vulnerable, underprivileged part of the society for their social economical upliftment. The party will focus each and every part of the society and will provide free books along with the free education upto intermediate level. The government reserves a large section of the budget for education, institutions and infrastructure. The government will focus on the quality of education and will surely try to provide the best environment to the future of this country. The tutors will be well qualified and certified by the government and will teach in the institution. This will provide numerous jobs to the desireable, worthy tutors. The education so provided must be of grade that it will be sufficient for the students to get the jobs easily.

The Prajatantrik Jansevak Party is saddened by the farmers' present conditions because every manufacturer has complete rights on their products but even after the 70 years of independence farmers are deprived of their rights. The party will provide complete rights to the farmers on their products. The part will help the farmers in the upgradation of their essential tools, and also provide them with high varieties of seeds, so they will be able to produce a surplus amount of crops. The party assured the farmers it will provide the actual price of their crops what they actually deserve. The party will work to protect the farmers from those intermediate who snatch their hard worked money from them. The party is always abiding to do the welfare of the farmers, to improve their conditions and to provide them a quality life which they deserve.

The Health sector has been one of the biggest issues in our country for 70 years. It's very common in the country to die without getting appropriate treatment because of poverty, social backwardness and absence of even basic health facilities. Somehow very few people are able to get appropriate treatment just because of their social economical status, but on the other hand for the poor of the country there is no such facility available. People walk miles to get treatment for common diseases. The party will work to end the double standard of the medical world and try to provide equal access to every citizen of the country. Firstly the infrastructure would be reorganised and technologies and treatments will be opted. The party will try to provide quality treatment along with the quality medicines to the citizens. Qualified doctors will be appointed in each and every part of the country which makes the access of underprivileged sections of the society easier to the treatment.

The next and of the most important motives is to empower the women of our country. Womens have a long history of suffering. There was no era in which womens didn't suffer, apart from this their sufferings always increased. Even after the decades of the independence, nobody worked for the upliftments of the womens , any party came inpower all just made promises but never did anything for them on grounds. Moreover, crime against them is increasing with every single day. Womens are are harresed at homes, raped, face sexual assault every single day. There are lists of crimes against the women but not a single remedy yet. The party assures every female of the country that it will work for their empowerment every single minute. Provide them equal status which they deserve. The party believed that with empowering our womens we cannot achieve success at international levels. The party will provide equal opportunities to womens, in every department of the government. The party encourages them to take part in every sport so that they can make our country proud.

The part will also focus on a group of teachers who are working in government school without any salary for years. They assured them, it would make them permanent and give their complete salairs to them. The institutions which are working more than a decade without any aid, the party will start providing them sufficient aid for their operations properly.

Large section of the society is surviving below the poverty line. Our beloved constitution maker put concern on it and gave a remedy to those vulnerable people of the country, in the form of reservations. A large population of the country is unable to get sufficient meals for a day, proper education, shelter, clothes even now. People belonging to backward classes are in the worst conditions, for them parties will continue reservation and always raise it at every required destination. The party wants to bring all the socially economically backward people of the country in a condition where they have equal access to the basic facilities of life like the others who are living their lives comfortably.

The party completely believes in the holy constitution of the country and will always work according to the mentioned provisions in it. The party will try to make sure that no citizen of the country will be deprived of its rights. The party will always work for the integrity and prosperity of the nation and will always put nations interest first.

The biggest gift of our constitution to us is democracy and a democratic system. The party always abides by the principles of democracy and never compromise with them. In Spite of this, the party will focus on strengthening our institutions democratically.

They will work to provide equal status to every citizen of the country irrespective of his case, religion, gender. The party will put all rowdies of the society inside the bars who exploit poor, underprivileged people of the society.

In our country the class struggle has a very embarrassing and long history. People used to judge each other's status through their castes. every one assume their caste superior than other and with the same sense treat differently to the people of different classes. This caste struggle created a huge gap among the own people of the country. Time to time it causes tension in the society and disturbs the peace and harmony of the society. The party will struggle to end this gap and to take out this evil out of the mind of our people and will focus to take out from the econmic slavery in which they are living for generations.

The party will put all the negative elements like robberies, rapists, gangsters behind the bars and will take strict actions against such people.

The party will also work for the upliftment of medium small size enterprises. Provide relief in excessive tests and will make it easier for them to import-export products for their benefits.