About Prof. Dr. A.K. Pal

About Prof. Dr. Anilesh Kumar Pal

My Name is Dr. Anilesh Kumar Pal and my father is Shri Shriram Pal. I lived in Zalimpur Kurra village of District Mainpuri. I was Born here on the 5th of June 1965. I had completed my elementary education at Kachhpura Primary School. I studied there upto 8th standard after that I moved to National P.G College Bhogaon Mainpuri to complete my Masters in Economics (M.A economics). Further I completed my PhD from Agra university. At present I am serving as an associate professor in the economics department. After completion of my M.A I took entry in politics and joined Samajwadi Party. I also worked in the Jantrantik Party and in many more. But what I felt after working with so many parties, that in the beginning all these parties had different motives and aims but after getting much power to resolve the issues, for what they formed the party actually, they deviated from that. All just start favouring their community, caste, religion for vote bank. Dynastic succession became active and no of the other party worthy leader got the chance to lead the party. As we all know and we believe that change starts from our own side, I Dr. Anilesh Kumar Pal along with my brother Professor Kashiram Sahab (Shakay Ji) decided to form a party, which you all know by the name and its aims, your own Prajatantrik Jansevak Party, on 18 Feb in the Year 2019. Since we are working in different districts, we are emphasizing on building the basic structure of this party so strong, so that it will be able to bring that revolution in the country which our ancestors dreamed and desired so.

The Main Aim of the party is to connect the economically socially backward masses of the country with prime line. The party is abide to work for the upliftment of dalits, womens, poors and for childrens along with the unemployed youth of this country. Since independence a specific section of the society is suffering pain, harassment and is forced to live in filthy conditions. The party is working and will keep working for such underprivileged peoples of the Country. Shri Ram Manohar Lohiya Ji, established Samajwadi Party for the social upliftment of the underprivileged, but after coming in power how they worked is not hidden from any one. On the other hand respected Kanshiram Ji formed Bahujan Samaj Party for the welfare of their people, but now in the leadership of Ms. Mayavati Ji, the party has been distracted from its missions and aims. Moreover the party give place to only such people who can fulfil their demands. Now we socially economically underprivileged harassed people don't have any option. Taking it in the view Last Year, I Dr. Anilesh Kumar Pal who is the Rashtriya Pramukh Mahasachiv of the party along with my brother who is also the founder and National President of Prajatantrik Jansevak Party decided to laydown the foundation stone of the party, for our people.

We Analyse and you all are aware about it, that all the parties who came or will come in power, they just used casteism, religious sentiments for their benefit. At recent this Bharatiya Janata Party, who is in power right now, they just used Temple issue for years for their political benefit. They just poisoned the society, flourish hatred between the peoples. Just neglect a particular community, even though that community had a great role in the independence of the country. Yes there is no doubt and I have no hesitation in saying that Muslims of this country equally contributed for the independence of this country. This party opt the policy of radicalisation of the society and took benefit from it.

I Just want to say one thing that religious sentiments must not be used for the political advantage. The party we brought in power just speaks, announces things, to click our sentiments. In actual they are doing nothing for the upliftmentof the underprivileged. Since independence those parties which were unable to provide social economical and political justice to our weaker sections yet, they have no more right to get votes and come in power. This party doesn't care about the safety of our women's sisters, students at all. They just focused on the divide and rule policy. They believe in making announcements, launching big projects and in branding obviously. They launched the Swachh Bharat Mission. What happened to that mission? What initiative of the government you found on ground regarding this projects. Everything is in vain, they just focused on the publicity and nothing else.

The country is Suffering the Biggest Crisis ever faced since independence, what pre measured government took? Do you people recognised anything government did after the first wave? They did nothing even after facing the first wave, they were just busy with publicity stunts. Result, the country faces the highest single day cases in the world. Now you can predict onyour own the value of your lifes for them. Our party is abiding to provide relief to our people at any instance as possible. I make you people sure we will definitely succeed in our mission. Jay Bharat, Jay Samvidhan, Jay Prajatantrik Jansevak Party!