Professor Kashiram Sahab

Professor Kashiram Sahab


I am Professor Kashiram Sahab, Founder and National President of Prajatantrik Jansevak Party (PJP). I was Born on 1 of July in 1960, in the Shakya Community. I lived in a village Nivahra, Post Barnahal, District Mainpuri. I am the son of the late Mr. Gopi Chand Shakya My mother was a late Miss. Jasoda Devi. Friends, just due to the grace and farsightedness of my Parents, I spent my Childhood in the Primary School of Barnahal, where I got admitted in first Standard, when I was 6-7 Year old. I was there upto 5th standard. After that I took admission in Junior High School of Barnahal and continued my studies upto 8th standard there. For higher education I took admission in the prestigious Inter College, A.K Inter College of Barnahal. After completing my intermediate for graduation and post graduation in english, I moved towards Etawah where I admitted myself in K.K. College of Kanpur University. Further I had done B.Ed and M.Ed and still indulge in learning. Friends in our life we all get inspired from someone or something, especially, when we are students at that time we all get fond of something, sometimes the interest goes so high that some people that hobby as their carrier. I was also inspired in my life, from a special personality, which changes my life and that inspiration of my life associated with music. When I was in my 10th standard, I got so interested in it and indulged so much in badan and attained great success, that can be analysed only, that numerous times I had performed on the state levels, in different state departments. I performed nearly in every police line of the district Utter Pradesh. I even got offers from both Agra and Chattarpur for Akashvani, but at that time I was a student so I didn't prefer to join there. I loved my Hobby a lot, I had performed with almost all the Veteran Singers, Musicians of the State.

My Brothers I had completed my education with the grace and in the shadow of some of the eminent people of this state, like my respected honourable tutor Dr. S.R Arya who once was the Ex Chairman of State Public Service Commission Uttar Pradesh Allahabad. Whenever I felt any need, his helping blessed hand was always there for me, even in their busy schedule, he somehow always managed time for me and sorted out my issues like a Father. I feel myself as their biggest debtor, and according to me, one cannot repay the debt of parents and tutor any how. Today my beloved son is an engineer in an IT software company, in making my son capable of surviving in this world, Dr. S.R Arya Ji played a huge role. Whenever my family and I face any calamity in life irrespective of social, economical, that person stands by us as a pillar. Another person who has great emphasis on my life is honourable Dr. Ajab Singh Yadav. As an elder brother he played and playing all the responsibilities and played a great role in everything what ever I have achieved yet. When I was 17-18 year old, Dr. Ajab Singh Yadav Ji treated me like a younger brother, even today he is ready and standing to do any help to me. He played a huge role in resolving all problems in my life. I just pray to god that their blessing will always be with me and I will always be there whenever they need me.

My Personal Matrimonial life started too early, as due to the customs of society my Wife was not that much educated but even though she was mature enough, to help me in understanding the conclusion of life. Whether I am today either the Professor and National President of Prajatantrik Jansevak Party or my Achievements in the field of music, my wife always played a huge role in all these achievements from the curtains. My Parents played unrecognisable and unseen unforgettable role in my life. I followed and I will keep moving on the path on which they direct me. I have 2 Younger Brothers Babu Ram Shakya and Jai Ram Shakya. Being younger than me, they always followed my path and directions. Whatever I told them they just do it without any how and why. At such a young age for whatever they are capable to do, the did, I am really thankful to both of them. As an elder brother I always stand for them and will always be there for them. In my family I have a Daughter and a Son, his wife 3 to 4 nieces. This is our family.

Experiences and Inspirations

Brothers I was one of the most Senior Professor of B.Ed in Babu Ram Yadav P.G. College Karahal Mainpuri. At that place I had analyzed society very deeply and tried to understand every single difference causing issues. I made huge efforts to feel the actual causes of pain of our underprivileged section of the society. Those who are getting harassed Since centuries, even after having same body bones organs granted by the God to them, they considered barbaric by those who are same as the latters. After much effort I concluded that people with privileges only do this. I don't know how, why and who built and inherited this nature in those who have power, money, many privileges so that they just treat others less than human. They dont considered an unemployed one as human, they don't respect a girl a women just because they are poor, they don't want any poor to get educated and instead of providing these poor compensations, help, opportunity, safety, security of food and health, all these benefits are going to those who are already rich able, living a luxurious life, power and have great emphasis in their areas. What's not unfortunate happened to them, they got looted, their girls get raped, every day their womens got assaulted, boys were forced to beggars. Friends I follow to very less people in my life, but to whom I follow I strict to their path. At first I am the follower of God Gautam Buddha who is our inspiration, then Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phule is one of the source of inspiration to me and beloved Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar. I analysed the who life of respected Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Ji, I tried to understand their believes actions and desired to change this society, especially to vanish this evil of discrimination. What not that person gives to this new india, he gave us the right to speak, right to live life with dignity, Right to opportunity to every citizen of this country irrespective of once's Caste, Sex, Religion, social economical, status. I understand how he opened the doors of justice for all including the underprivileged, poor for every section of the society. After and before the independence of the country the person who fought for our right on the front line, is our respected Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar only. I am and every underprivileged citizen of the country is thankful to him by heart.

Causes and Solutions of Oppressions

My friends, this thing always blows my mind why people harassed each other like this. When I came to the conclusion I found that a big broad tree never allowed small plants to grow up under him, similarly a big river destroyed the identity of the small canals which contribute to its existence. What I meant to say that a powerful rich privileged person never allowed the underprivileged to grow, They never want that any poor get education, money, opportunity, honour, designation upper then them, they just want to make poors their slaves and as long as the poor not get any education, opportunity he/she will not be aware of its rights and therefore will not work to break this cycle, what actually they want and what they are really doing. God Gautam Buddha said, If there is any issue then find its cause first, then try to find it's solution, after working on this principal very long I found the cause of all these oppressions and oppressors common, all of them are just associated any how to the politics, through which they are getting all the powers and opportunities. Politics have great power in itself, it have both money and power from here you can assume how many underprivileged persons participating in it and this is one of the biggest cause of their oppression. My brother I belonged from a Shakya Community, I saw how people of different communities get oppressed, harassed, looted, murdered, how their women and daughters get raped. I witnessed how people from Prajapati, Muslim, Lodhi, Pal, Yadav, Balmiki, Rajput, Jatav and from many other SC, ST and OBC Communinities suffering for decades.

I witnessed how the pride of those innocent people was rushed by the suppressors. Like when a farmer protect its field by surrounding it with iron wires and released electric current in it and people got to know about it they automatically made 2 metre distance from it while crossing it, but on the other hand when the later got to know that there is no current in them, then they do not not only try to enter the field but also try to snatch those wire along with them. Morally, the one who is weak, poor, who has no privileges, is always threatened, suppressed, oppressed by the oppressor and this will continue in the future also if we will not make our people aware and capable to live their life with dignity. Those politicians who are in power should be aware about it,that those who fight for them, vote for them, got hit by iron rods and bullets, get imprisonment, shout long live slogans for them, put such thousands efforts to make them MP/MLA, at last what they got, same leaders ignored them most. One who is standing at the bottom of the society, without getting any favour from its leader, even then try to ensure the victory of its leader, this thing inspired me and gave a lesson, that to my whole life I just lived for my childrens, my parents and for my friends. I served as a professor for years for my own interests but now I think I can and I should use my knowledge, education and experience of life for the upliftment of our people. Noteable point is, if all these people can do that much for those who are not even looking towards them, what not they can do for them, for their own people. So with this thought after doing much contemplation along with some other professors, friends and with some responsible persons of the society and reached to decision that we shouldmake a political organisation for the rights of our people, because only political power is the only key to resolve all these issues, like poverty backwardness, extinction of suppression from the society, food availability, liberty of life, rights, justice, can only be ensure through political power.

Struggle and Formation

After deciding with consensus everybody proposed the name of respected Professor Kashiram Sahab to be the first National President of the Prajatantrik Jansevak Party. Everybody decided to move further under the supervision of beloved Professor Kashiram Sahab. Everyone decided to follow all the decisions and to move together in every situation, and promised to be there whenever the party required them. My first step was to go to the office of Election Commision of India at Ashoka Road New Delhi. With all due efforts I collected and prepared all the required documents of the party and on 8 november 2016 at 1.00 a.m I submitted the auspicious file to the Election Commission of India. After facing a lot of hurdles, I didn't step down, and continued to move forward with strong and complete determination. After all chaos and hard work the day arrived for which we are waiting very keenly, it was 18 Feb 2019, when finally the name of this Holy Land Mainpuri district got registered in Election Commission of India and our Prajatantrik Jansevak Party got officially Registered.

Since that day the party is working and it's publication work is also going on simultaneously. Gradually this caravan is moving forward, we aim to visit every district, every village, even to every house. The party will participate in the upcoming Assembly election of the state. party will fight elections at every seat in the state and try to give it's best. It is necessary to contest in election for our party in upcoming election because after independence when Congress party formed its government in almost every part of the country, whatever congress did on that time, that was only a single party rule, because there was no such competent opponent in the country, what ever they desired the did, irrespective of being right or wrong. When a person moves to any place, let's say from Delhi to Agra, he/she has to buy even a water bottle Worth 20 to 30 Rs. You can understand from this easily what they did, even after having governments in the centre and the states simultaneously, they were not even successful in ensuring quality drinking water throughout the country. I think this is the biggest slap on the face of democratic system of our country. So when the country didn't get the water which is the necessity of life, what else a common citizen of the country can expect.

Political History of Uttar Pradesh

Talking specifically about the Uttar Pradesh, respected Mulayam Singh Yadav started his political career in the guidance of respected Chaudhary Charan Singh Ji and Nathu Singh Yadav Ji and but joining politics is not a big task, what's important is to work for your people, to remain connected with grass land, with the actual situation, problems and issues of the people, Big task is to win the hearts of people, through which securing the seat in state or in centre. All this is the matter of great efforts, sacrifice and determination. I thanked Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav Ji, as he served Uttar Pradesh four times as a chief minister. But even he failed to control the crime, state administration. People had to face one of the worst times in his regime. That's why Samajwadi Party lost it's government in the state as well as it's core support in the Parliament Election and just managed to secure only 5 seats.

After it was respected, Mayawati Ji got the chance to form the government in the state. He took oath four times as a Chief Minister in the State, just due to the support of Shakya, Kushvaha, Maurya, Saini and other Backward Classes of the state. Others like Muslims, Jatav, Diwakar, Kashyap, Nayi, Prajapati along with some upper caste intellectuals gave her full support. At the time of respected Kashiram Ji, Miss Mayavati continued to follow his path, but after his death, she deviated from it. As A Result, now the party is passing through its worst time.

At present, what the ruling party is doing is not hidden from anyone. We all are well aware about everything. Situation is this, either the minister or the MLA no one is allowed to say anything. They are unable to perform their work with their own will, even the executive department is not ready to hear them. So how can we assume, is there any one to listen to the problems of the common citizen of the state. This party and it's governments are just busy selling every asset of our country. Gradually they are selling the public sectors, instead of creating many more, to provide employment to our youth. They just destroyed the whole industrial, real estate, agriculture sector of the country. There is no ray of hope for any type of government job in any section of the government. Friends the conclusion is, all these parties are just busy in corruption, in making the common distracting them from the issues of the country. Now none of them is worthy to rule any more or to get any further chance. After all this I just say, Professor Kashiram Sahab the Chairman of the Prajatantrik Jansevak Party along with all the complete cabinet including every position holder of the party, within one line and very much hard work established the Prajatantrik Jansevak Party. I assured you all, the party was established with the efforts of people from every community and will always work for all.

Professor Kashiram Sahib

Founder & National President PJP